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  • By Stuart Armstrong
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Velo Cycles is good friends with the Melbourne Brompton Club (indeed, four of the five founding members are Velo Cycles customers and the other works here!) and so their regular rides often set off from Velo Cycles, and/or incorporate a visit to Green Park Dining (just behind Velo). However, one member came up with a wonderful idea – perhaps go for a drink and then catch public transport home. A route that took in a number of micros, and one nano-brewery was locked in, as was a date.

Unfortunately, the forecast for last Saturday became a reality, and Melbourne was hit with a number of short-lived deluges, as well as some persistent lighter rain.  That dropped our numbers a little, but we were still seven-strong and were up for a roll, and a bit of beer tasting. Micro/Nano breweries are great as a most brew on-site, and have tasting paddles so you can try most of their ales without drinking too much. They’re generally always quite a casual affair and are often bike-friendly.  Of course, the Brompton‘s fast and easy fold meant bringing them inside with us didn’t raise an eyebrow – apart from general interest, of course.

The route from Velocycles to each brewery ending up at Two Birds in Spotswood, just near Newport Train Station.

The route taken was almost entirely off-road bike path, with some sections of on road bike lane and a few quiet back streets.  That, with the Brompton‘s exceptional mudguards and some bright lighting (a few dyno, some USB rechargeable and some good old battery-operated) and some wet weather gear (jackets, capes etc) we set off.

From Velo, the first visit was Temple Brewing, via the Brunswick Shimmy.  Temple is good friends of Velo Cycles and supplied the beer for our Ride Home From Work evening last Ride2Work Day. Next was a ride on the Capital City Trail tiny nano brewery in Kensington called “Henry St Brewhouse“, (which isn’t actually in Henry St, but it was founded there).  Continuing through to the Maribyrnong River Trail, we next headed to Hop Nation in Yarraville (which has a bike-friendly rear entry directly off the bike path).  Finally, it was on the bike path/lane towards Williamstown, before turning off just after Scienceworks to head to our final destination, Two Birds Brewing in Spotswood.  We were able to settle in a little longer there, and have something to eat as well, because we knew 500m away was Newport train station, which we could use to get home.

A great time was had by all, and everyone was wondering when the next one would be, (and hoping the weather would be better).


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