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After progressively seeing the rest of the planet receive their orders, we’re very proud to say we now have the new 2017 Bromptons in stock, including a number of the limited edition 2017 Black Edition. The 2017 model includes a number of design evolutions that significantly improve upon Brompton’s already exceptional design.


The most notable differences are all to do with where you put your hands.  Although the geometry of the bike remains unchanged, the profile of both the M and H handlebars is quite different.  The bars are shallower, and the angles of the bends less harsh.  To offset that, the stem is proportionally longer, so you end up with the same height as the older model.  Why do this?  The result is a stiffer feel, especially when you’re pushing hard.


The second revision is with the shifters.  Previously, all Bromptons had the shift levers above the bars, however with the 2017 models they’ve completely redesigned the mechanism.  It’s thumb actuated, and it returns to centre after each shift.  There are indicators to let you know what gear you’re in.


Finally, the shifters are integrated with the brake levers, freeing up a little real estate.  That, and the new profile bars, allow for standard-width grips.  This is great if you want to fit aftermarket options.  And, the grips are now lock on, so they’re very easily removed (or replaced) with an allen key.  The right-hand brake lever now also has an integrated brass bell, with a bright lasting tone.


We’ve already sold a number of our 2017s, but there’s more on the way.  If you’re after a 2017 Black Edition I wouldn’t delay.  Although we took around a third of Australia’s total delivery,  and we have plenty of colour, speed and bar height options available, they won’t last forever.  Don’t be disappointed and come and take a look.


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