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THE INAUGURAL RIDE (A short story)

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  • By Mia Shub
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THE INAUGURAL RIDE (A short story)

I hear the squeak of rubber on wood.

“Come outside, I’ve got a surprise for you”, shouts a manly voice.

I run down the hallway, my footsteps echoing, excitement bubbling up inside.

I crash out the door into the warm, sticky air. I look around and there is my dad holding a bike!

He worked at Velo Cycles in Carlton and has been trying to put me on a bike since i was 1 year old.

I squeal with utter excitement and run over to my BYK. I quickly let my eyes scan over the bike. I start taking some mental notes; color: purple, size: 450, 8 speed!

I hop on and shift around in the seat, getting comfortable. At first my dad pushes me, steadying the bike, then I start to pedal. My dad lets go and fear envelops me. What if I fall? What if my foot gets caught? What if I hurt myself? I am so caught up in my fears that I forget to steer, there is a pole rapidly approaching. I jerk out of the way and fall from the sudden movement. I lie sprawled on the ground as my dad sprints toward me. He crouches beside me and hoists me up to a sitting position. I groan.

“It’s just a little graze”, dad says, “Practice makes permanent or perfect, whatever works for you.”

I stand up, brush myself off and try again. I try again and again and again and again. After the seventh try I admit defeat, I sit on the curb and look sadly at my  wonderful bike. My beautiful, intricate, sleek, vibrant bike that I will never get to ride. I sigh. Then dad comes over, he sits beside me.

“Riding a bike isn’t just about moving the pedals and steering”, Dad says calmly, “It is about balance and believing you can do it. You need to focus and believe.”

I stand up, my eyes blazing with determination. I grab my bike and swing my leg over the frame. Then, I push off onto our quiet street. I pedal furiously, concentration never wavering.

Then I get to the downhill section. The fears start to fill my head again but I push them away. I can do this! I soar down, the wind in my hair. The speed is exhilarating and I whoop, happiness bubbling over.

A huge smile creeps onto my face.

I skid to a stop and get off the bike. My dad is waiting for me at the bottom of the hill, where I stopped. I stand in front of him, windswept hair and gigantic smile.

“Can I go again?” I say, laughing. 


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