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Supporting the Improvement of Safety for Victorian Cyclists 

Velo Cycles is proud to support BikeSpot 2020, an interactive mapping project aiming to improve the safety of cyclists and work towards making Victoria a world-class cycling location. BikeSpot 2020 follows the original BikeSpot project from 2016 and is a collaboration between  CrowdSpot and the Amy Gillett Foundation, Australia’s leading cycling safety charity.

BikeSpot lets cyclists, car drivers and pedestrians add a Safe or Unsafe Spots on the map and record their perceptions of safety in specific locations. All submissions are visible so you can vote or comment on other peoples’ spots. The data collected will go the 11 Local Council Partners, VicRoads and the Department of Transport to help prioritise locations for safe cycling infrastructure.

BikeSpot acknowledges that concerns about cycling safety is a major barrier for people choosing to ride.

“Collecting and understanding the community perceptions of cycling safety at different locations is incredibly important. Firstly, we know that if you don’t feel safe riding it will have a direct influence on your willingness to ride. Cycling stress (particularly in traffic) is instrumental in influencing the choice to ride. If a single section of a route is perceived to be highly stressful, many will decide not to ride,” says Anthony Aisenberg, Director of CrowdSpot.

You can help contribute to the safety of the Victorian cycling community by submitting your own spot at, as well as by sharing your submissions by using the hashtag:


Find BikeSpot 2020 on Facebook @BikeSpotProject, Instagram @BikeSpot_Project and Twitter @BikeSpotProject. 


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