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  • By Stuart Armstrong
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Late last year, Nick from Brompton Australia asked us if one of our demo/hire Bromptons would like to go on a trip to Sri Lanka. So we asked it, and it said “You Betcha”. Yeah, they’re Made for Cities, but it’s a testament to their brilliant design that Bromptons are capable of so much more.

Alee’s CyclingAbout blog is all about touring by bike, or ‘bicycle travel’ – the bicycles you can choose and the associated gear to help you out, as well as the destinations you can go and the routes you can take. But this time around, he was looking for something a little different from what he normally rides, for a different type of touring.

Traveling with a folding bike, just like commuting, can give you many transport options over a full-sized frame.  In just a few seconds you no longer have a difficult-to-juggle-with-your-gear bicycle, you have an easy-to-carry package.  This means jumping on/off busses, trains, ferries, and planes is a lot more straightforward.  It can also aid with accommodation, as again, you can generally bring your bike in with you. As Alee says, you can tour on pretty-much any folding bike, and we’d happy talk you through your options with the models we stock.  If small folded size is important, we’d point you in the direction of a Brompton, like Alee and Frankie rode.  If your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, our Tern bikes are still very capable and also offer the advantage of a large tyre diameter (for a more compliant ride). You would be touring light (although there’s plenty of cargo/luggage options available), so if you have a trans-Australia journey planned, we could also look at what full-sized bikes may suit you better.

Check out his amazing Sri Lanka video below (blink and you may miss the Velo stickers on our green Brompton), or his full blog post here.




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