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Good news: you can still go cycling during coronavirus lockdown! 

During coronavirus lockdown, cycling is still deemed an essential mode of transport and form of exercise. Group rides and cycling events are currently not allowed, but there are still many ways to enjoy bike riding. Lacking motivation? Not sure about the rules? We’ve put together this list of tips for riding safely amid coronavirus to help you stay healthy and fall in love with cycling even more.

  1. Get your bike into shape

Before you ride, ensure that your tires are inflated properly, and that your brakes, gears and drive chain are in good condition. If you haven’t ridden for a while, we’d recommend booking a service with your local bike shop. 

  1. Change your riding routine

Turn your daily ride into a treat rather than a chore. If you’re working from home, instead of riding to and from work you could schedule a ride during your lunch break to get your blood pumping and keep energies up for the rest of the day. If you need to run essential errands, incorporate a bike ride – it’s the most efficient mode of travel to ensure social distancing whilst getting your daily dose of exercise.

  1. Practice social distancing

Even when you’re riding, social distancing is a must – always stay 1.5m away from other riders in front or beside you. It’s best to stop as little as possible during your ride, but if you do take a break, be aware of where you place your helmet, lock and drink bottle to avoid the spread of germs. Smiling is still allowed!

  1. Explore new routes

Keep things interesting by exploring new bike trails or routes in your local area. Pre-planning new adventures will help you keep up the momentum during lockdown.

  1. Be mindful

Practicing mindfulness can help you ease stress and get the most out of your ride. If you’re touring off-road, calm your thoughts by focusing on your breath and the scenery around you. If the ride gets tough, positive self-talk goes a long way. “Keep going!” “You can do this” “You’re doing great!”

  1. Be safe

Safety is always a priority, particularly when there may be less riders around you. Be sensible – always ride with a helmet, and don’t ride if you’re feeling sick. During this time, we’d recommend sanitising your bike after each ride.

  1. Stay social

Even when you’re social distancing, there are ways to stay connected. Keep in contact with your riding buddies by sharing your progress on social media and recommending new trails. You can use this time to plan future riding trips to look forward to once social distancing restrictions are lifted.

  1. Get strong

Time to work on those calves, quads and glutes! If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, make the most of it by increasing your strength at home. We love this quick workout video from Olympic cyclist Kaarle McCulloch.

  1. Pimp your ride.

Whether you need panniers and lights for emergency shopping trips or want to show off some flair on the bike trail, why not spend time making your prized beast as flash as possible? At Velo Cycles, we’ve got a range of accessories available to help with essential errands. Or check out these ideas if you’re feeling a little more creative!

  1. Just keep riding!

Don’t give up now! During the coronavirus outbreak, public health officials are advising that regular bike riding is one of the best things you can do to stay safe and healthy. Why? It keeps you from being sedentary, boosts your immune system, eases mental stress and helps you achieve essential travel and errands.


At Velo Cycles, we’re still offering our full range of service options, and our certified mechanics are implementing extra sanitary measures. Click here to book a service, or give us a call on (03) 9381 0088.

Please note our NEW trading hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5.30pm, Sat 10am-4pm.

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