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We’ve stocked Yepp child seats for years now, which means we were scratching our heads a bit when the local importer wound up and we couldn’t get our hands on any. But now with a new supplier they’re back, so we thought we would take this opportunity to explain why they’re awesome.

For younger children, they have a front-mounted seat, the Yepp Mini. It sits just behind the handlebars, so your child is between your arms and can see the road ahead. You can happily chat away with them, whilst they point out the puppy dogs they see as you trundle through your neighbourhood.  The Yepp Mini can accommodate children up to 15kg and comes equipped for a quill style stem however with the addition of Yepp’s AHEAD adaptor it will also fit threadless stems.  (If you’re unsure which your bike has, we can show you when you roll on through).

Next up is the Yepp Maxi.  This is installed at the rear of the bike, and is rated to 22kg, making it the go-to seat for when they’ve outgrown the Mini. The Yepp Maxi has two different mounting options: via the seat tube (vertical part of your frame) of the bike or the Yepp Maxi Easyfit can fit to an existing rear rack (either directly, or in conjunction with Yepp’s adaptor, depending upon your rack). Between these two systems, it’s highly  likely that we’ll be able to fit one to your bike; we’ll confirm when you bring it along.

No matter which model you choose, all Yepps have a five-point harness with a child-resistant buckle which will keep your child safe and secure. The straps have cushy shoulder padding and everything is adjustable without tools – the designers realise kids grow quickly.

Dutch bikes and accessories are generally built to last, and the Yepp child seats are no different. The materials and build quality of Yepp seats are top notch. None of us here at Velo can ever remember doing a warranty on a Yepp seat, or otherwise seeing any material defects. Unlike many other child seats, the Yepp achieves a high level of comfort without the use of foam padding. Why is this important? Foam padding can get dirty and mouldy when exposed to rain, or become detached from the seat and lost. The Yepp seat is made of compliant yet durable foam which doesn’t absorb moisture and can be wiped clean with a sponge.

Finally, a very important aspect is its versatility.  Once the appropriate mounting hardware is installed on your bike, Yepp seats can be removed or attached in seconds, no tools required. They can also be securly key-locked to your bike if you are parking it on the street, or outside of the zoo, pool or other venue.

With the great deal of thought and quality that go into Yepp seats, it’s no wonder they have won multiple design awards.  Come on in and have a chat to see how they can work for you.


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