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We have a great love of bikes.  We tend to have an even greater love of the bikes we ride ourselves – after all, there’s a reason why we ride them. #whatweride

And yes, we’re firm believers that you do have to love your bike!

Based upon that, we thought we’d feature our staff’s bikes in one of the windows of Velo, so we can share the love.  You can see them inside the shop, or as you’re riding past on Melbourne’s Capital City Trail.  It may tell you a thing or three about our staff, and what we’re doing when we’re not out riding.  Oh, and of course, we’ll be only too happy to discuss.

Sometimes the featured bike will be something we have on the floor at Velo (and that’s part of the reason we stock them!)  Sometimes it’s something older, or something we’ve built up, or a specially ordered frameset or whole bike (something we can do for you too!)

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