One million riding past this year


11 year old Elena, trading up to a free Velo Carlton, for her daily ride to school

11 year old Elena, trading up to a free Velo Carlton, for her daily ride to school

For the past few years we’ve come exceedingly, agonisingly close to having one million riders register on the counter out the front of our shop.  But this year, it has happened!

About 11am (we forgot to look) on Dec 16th for the first time we eclipsed this milestone!  12 year old Elena was the lucky one, astride on her well-used older bike which she had well and truly grown out of.  But spare a thought for her sister Amelie, who was number 999,999.  Both she, and number 1,000,001 were rewarded with a Velo gift voucher, but it was Elena who got a bike! Not just any old bike, but the Velo Carlton, a versatile commuter bike designed by us, for you.  She rides almost every day, riding to her local school and to visit friends and family, so we know the Carlton will suit her well.

On Ride2Work Day in 2014 the counter (a joint venture between Velo Cycles and the City of Moreland went live and since then over 4 million bikes have been counted, day and night, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  And yes, they are bikes – the detection loops are located about half way down the shop, and a system uses a clever algorithm to determine what’s a bike, and what’s a pram/skateboard/delivery trolley/whatever, to an accuracy of 0.5% (most human counters are 10 x less accurate).  We’re also mindful that many riders take Park Street itself, so although we know there’s well over a million who pass the shop in a given year, we’re excited about our counter’s total finally reaching this milestone.

This data is recorded live, and is available online after an upload during the night. We can dig in and get information on times, direction and totals over a timespan. This is how we get our monthly totals which we report on.

This year we totalled 1,034,657 riders!

A big thanks to everyone who rides past.  Now that we’ve done it, let’s see if we can get to the million a little faster in 2018.  Weather pending, it’s a natural thing for the numbers to increase each year

A cyclist rolling past the sensors for our bike counter at Velo Cycles in Carlton North

Speeding past the sensors




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