Meet the Jamis Coda Family


If there’s one bike that typifies Velo Cycles, it would be the Jamis Coda Sport.

The mid-level model in the series, it’s been the bread and butter, the very lifeblood of the shop since the beginning. We’ve sold so many in fact, we like to think that it’s become a true Melbourne workhorse, the bike that greases the cogs of urban life. Velo Cycles folklore is choked with stories of fateful Saturdays in which unlikely numbers of bikes left the shop.

“I sold 7 Coda Sports in 6 hours,” says Ed, clutching a post-work beer.

“That’s nothing,” counters Jacqui. “I sold that many in one hour, all with child seats on them.”

“I was making it rain Coda Sports,” rumbles Big Paul, sliding one palm off the other repeatedly as if he were flinging cash at everyone. “Plus a few reflective leg bands.”

But it’s not about our turnover.  It’s more about bike suitability.  We work with every customer to determine which bike best suits them.  Time and time again, it’s the Jamis Coda Sport which comes up trumps.  And venerated though the Coda Sport is, it’s but one of four models in the Coda range. Meet the Jamis Coda family.

A family portrait

All the bikes in the Jamis Coda family share some common features which suit them to city riding; the sturdy and smooth-riding steel frame, the eyelets for rack and mudguard mounting, the wide range of gears for hauling luggage up hill.  But there are also unique differences which lend them to different applications.

Coda $449

Jamis Coda 2017 Galaxy Grey

Jamis Coda in Galaxy Grey

A value choice for the occasional/casual rider, the Coda has basic but dependable parts that work well together and are kind to your wallet. Also with the most-relaxed riding position in the range and an adjustable-height quill stem, it’s the perfect bike for cruising down to the park on a sunny day or short commutes. You’ve still got powerful V-Brakes and a wide range of 24 gears so it will take you everywhere you need to go – perhaps just not quite as quickly as some of the other models.

Coda Sport $749

Jamis Coda Sport Black 2017

Jamis Coda Sport in Fitzroy Safety Black

With more durability and refinement than the base Coda model, our top-selling Coda Sport is better-suited to regular use. Most parts are upgraded to give you improved performance and longer service life. Most notably, it has lighter and stronger wheels, which result in a zippier ride and greater reliability, and mounted to the wheels are puncture-resistant and long-lasting tyres. The Coda Sport also offers better braking power and smoother gear shifting than the Coda model. An this year they’ve come in even cheaper, a still-very-reasonable $749, it’s easy to see why the Coda Sport has been such a winner at Velo.

Coda Comp $949

Jamis Coda Comp 2017 Flat Steel

Jamis Coda Comp in Flat Steel

The most-notable feature of the Coda Comp is the disc brakes. So what’s the advantage? Unlike more traditional rim brakes, disc brakes don’t lose any power in wet conditions, which makes them an excellent addition for someone who rides all-year-round, no matter what the weather. Other upgrades include a higher-quality steel frame which shaves some weight and delivers a smoother ride, and sturdier wheels suited to heavy duty use. What’s more, the Coda Comp Femme comes in a gorgeous powder blue, probably the most attractive member of the Coda family. They’ve also landed at $50 cheaper than the 2017 price. Yay!

Coda Elite $1299

Jamis Coda Elite 2017

Jamis Coda Elite

If you do big miles all-year-round, the Coda Elite is definitely worth the extra dough (and a $80 drop on the 2017 price!) It comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which are the best braking system available for bicycles, offering great power, modulation and consistent performance in any conditions. Hydraulic disc brakes are also self-adjusting, which means they’ll stay working perfectly between services. Gear shifting is significantly improved as well, with a 27-speed drivetrain and a Shimano Deore rear derailleur. Add to that a carbon fork and you’ve got one smooth-riding, high-performance, rock-solid commuting machine. We’ve seen some of our customer’s Coda Elites do some hard work, and they always stand up to it.

Come in to Velo and meet the Coda family or check them on our store here.






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