Just shy of a million – Velo’s counter for 2016


The Velo Cycles / City of Moreland Bike Totem Counter

The Velo Cycles / City of Moreland Bike Totem Counter

It’s fair to say, the number of cyclists passing our counter year upon year is growing – by about 5% per annum.  To that end, we were confident we’d reach one million in a calendar year for 2016.  Alas, the weather got in the way.

2016 gave us the total of 989,207 riders past the post. In Jan and Feb we were smashing our records, with over a dozen days in the high 4,000s. It was all looking good.  And indeed, on the days where good weather was predicted, numbers throughout the year were on average an increase on previous years.

But then, there were the rains.

Days where rain is predicted are generally about half that of regular days.  And, on some of our quite stormy days we had this year, they’re often 10-15% of normal totals.  Too many of these, and it was always going to be tough.  September and October were brutal – November almost as bad and really, it was going to be tough to recover.  In all honesty, we thought we were going to miss it by more.  But, 74,942 in Dec meant that we almost made it.

We’re hoping that the general increase in the numbers of riders, and a few less stormy days in 2017 will make it happen.  Thanks everyone for your continued support, and we’ll keep you posted each month.


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