Hear ye! Hear ye! Get ya ByK kids bikes while they’re still here.


It’s that time of year and the last big delivery of kids bikes before Christmas is on its way. So if you want to avoid the stress (’tis the season) of last-minute Christmas shopping, now is the time to get that bike sorted. Over the next couple of weeks, new ByK kids bikes are hitting the shop floor, and we’ll have the biggest range ever to choose from. Needless to say, they move pretty quickly at this time of year, and the closer we get to Christmas, the more likely we, and our supplier, will run out of certain models.

So what brands do we sell? Just the one, actually: the Melbourne-based company ByK. And we love them. ByK make a large range of models, in every size and ability from age 2-3 up to early teens, so there’ll be something to suit your young’n’.

New this year, the ByK e510MTBD has attracted a lot of interest.  Based upon previous e510MTB models, they’ve gone for a simpler, wide-range 1x gear system and they’ve added hydraulic disc brakes.  This is a serious machine! Suits 7-11 year olds).

And again, more colours across their other bikes have been added. Here’s the new Midnight Black, Polished Alloy and Charcoal as modelled on the venerable e350 (suits 4-6 years).

Why buy a kids bike from us, when there are cheaper ones at a suburban department store? Good question. The short answer is this: they’re a way, way better bike, assembled by bicycle mechanics. We are a ByK ‘Reference Centre’, their highest-level of accolade.  This means we have the full range, and we know our stuff. For the long answer, check out this blog post by our Velo Electric & Folding Manager and father of two, Cory.

You don’t have to take them home right away. If you pay for a bike now, but you don’t want to pick it up until closer to Christmas, we can store it for you until Santa comes along.

You don’t even have to pay for them right away. With a 50% deposit, we can put one aside and you can pay the balance when you take it home.

Come in for a test ride and some advice. Kids are welcome to test ride bikes when they come in store – this is the best way to determine the correct size and ensure their confidence.  If you want to keep it on the sly, drop in next door for a coffee and/or milkshake and then just happen across the bike store’ – “Let’s go and have a look.” If you really want to keep it a secret, we can advise you on sizing and other options (gearing, tyres etc) to suit most kids of a particular age range and riding aptitude.

Kids love bikes.  So do we.  And nothing makes us happier than that smile.

Santa Stu on a new ByK e350

Santa Stu on a new ByK e350


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