E-Bike commuters – Let us do the math for you


We believe E-Bike commuters are a fantastically enjoyable and healthy way to get to work. The price can scare some people off so let us show you why they’re also an economical way to get to work.

Firstly, a quick intro to E-bikes. There are two broad types of E-Bikes, differentiated by where the motor is. Wheel Drive and Mid-Drive. Mid-drive is mounted inside the frame, between the pedal cranks. It is more efficient, more powerful, more responsive and more expensive. Prices start around $3500 and the Kalkhoff Endeavour 1B is a perfect example, a phenomenal commuter. Wheel drives are significantly cheaper and can make great commuters provided you know what to look for. We have been stocking Velectrix as our wheel drive for the last couple of years, they are an Australian company and the first sub $2000 E-Bike we are happy to stand behind. The Velectrix Urban 2.0+ is our go to every day commuter.

So, on to what you came here for. Math. We looked at 1, 2, 5 and 7 year comparisons for E-bikes, public transport and a car. Firstly a couple of assumptions:

  • The commute is 10km each way, 5 days a week.
  • Public transport costs are for a yearly Myki pass and make no allowance for getting sick from being coughed on by strangers or the anguish of not realising there was trackwork.
  • Car costs are fuel, servicing and 1/3 of average insurance/registration/depreciation they do not account for the shortening of your life from the stress of 30+ minutes in traffic each way. They come from RACQ Car Running Costs.
  • If buying an E-Bike avoids buying a car, or buying a second car, stop reading now, it’s SUPER WORTH IT.
  • We have not accounted for increased fitness, happiness, health and well being that is associated with riding a bike.
  • Obvious Disclaimer: I am not a financial analyst you should do your own research before making any financial decisions. This article is intended to be a little bit helpful and a little tongue in cheek.
Setup Cost Yearly Costs Battery
(6-7 years)
Myki $5 $1,770
E-bike – Velectrix Urban 2.0+ $2,000 $400 $495
E-bike – Kalkhoff Endeavour 1B $3,499 $400 $800
Using your Car $1,566
Total Cost First year 2 years 5 years 7 years
Myki $1,775 $3,545 $8,855 $12,395
E-bike – Velectrix Urban 2.0+ $2,400 $2,800 $4,000 $5,295
E-bike – Kalkhoff Endeavour 1B $3,899 $4,299 $5,499 $7,099
Using your car $1,566 $3,132 $7,830 $10,962

Come in and test ride an E-Bike, they’re great fun, good value and might just change your life.


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