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This time of year, there’s always some great announcements from manufacturers and importers for what new 2018 models are coming.  Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll see in Velo.

  • Kona – Kona’s Unit, Sutra, Sutra Ltd and Rove Steel have already arrived, and many have already rolled out the door. We’re particular fans of the Sutra Ltd, in their resurrected Matt Bottle Green.
  • Jamis – The 2017 Renegade range , was a suite of bikes we loved, with many staff members adopting one for themselves. Next year we will be getting the Renegade Expat, and Exploit, but we’re most excited for the new Escapade. Featuring the same 631 Reynolds steel as the Exploit, but featuring the hot-off-the-press Shimano R8000 Ultegra. We’ve only got limited images, but think new colourways look the business, and the Exploit and Expat bikes keep their existing well-thought-out spec.
    Jamis Renegade Expat – Velo’s top seller
  • new Tern GSD – This is a gamechanger.  Tern make folding bikes.  The Tern GSD doesn’t fold (although it does have a telescoping seatpost and folding handlebar stem so you can store or transport it in small places).  On their 20″ wheeled platform they’ve built a frame that can handle 180kg of cargo, but the same wheelspan as a regular bike. To help you with the load, there’s a Bosch Performance Line motor linked to not one, but two batteries so you can have 100km+ of full-level assist, further on lower levels.   Adaptable for 2 kids and cargo, or all cargo, or a friend, or whatever you can think of. We hope to have these in late November or early December
    Tern GSD utility cargo e-Bike

    Tern GSD utility cargo e-Bike

  • new Brompton CHPT3 – UK cycling champion David Millar used a Brompton whilst he was commentating at le Tour de France one year.  As with many, that blossomed to an ongoing obsession with these folding bikes. But, unlike the rest of us*, he’s got to design his perfect Brompton, aligned with his CHPT3 cycling fashion brand.  With striking red/grey glitter colourway, featuring S-bar in 2 or 6 speed, and in a ‘superlight’ build, and exclusive gumwall Schwalbe Kojak tyres.  Only 500 are being built and a very small number of these are coming to Australia – we’ll have both 2 and 6 speed versions. We hope to have these before Christmas – pre-order now to secure yours, as they will sell out. Australia’s full allotment has been accounted for, and we’ve pre-sold all but two of ours already.
    *You can of course actually design your own Brompton, based upon their existing components and colours, but David got to go way beyond that.
    Brompton CHPT3 available as a 2 or a 6 speed
  • 2018 Brompton Black Edition – The very popular Black Edition is back, again in limited numbers, and limited colour options. Most of the chrome and alloy components are swapped out for black, and the main frame has a feature colour.  This year, lime green and lagoon blue are gone, but remaining are snazzy orange and of course the venerable black.  The new colours are Turkish Green (which is blue to many people’s eyes) and a new tint, ‘Black Lacquer’.  This is a change on the Raw Lacquer finish, with a darker slightly smoky tint so that the brazing shows through in a high contrast.  Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. As per normal, there will be limited numbers coming – we’ve ordered the importer’s whole allotment of some colours/configurations to ensure you can get what you’re after, but we can’t make any guarantees. Pre-orders are welcomed.
    Brompton 2018 Black Edition Turkish Green
    Brompton 2018 Black Edition Black Lacquer
  • Brompton Electric – Well, it’s been a long time coming (it was actually on the original 1975 patent application) but Brompton’s own take on a pedalec is a real, live, rolling beauty.  Launched at this July’s Brompton World Championships in London, Brompton UK are currently taking orders for end-of-year delivery in the UK only.  After that, they’ll slowly expand to other countries in Europe, and finally beyond.  Suffice it to say, Velo Electric & Folding, Australia’s only Brompton Premier Store and the largest seller of Bromptons in the country, will have them coming as soon as physically possible. We’re hoping 2018, but that remains to be seen.
    The bike?  The electrical assist has been designed in collaboration with Williams Racing.  It adds only around 5kg to the bike, and can provide assistance for 50-100km range. Trusted friends of Velo have ridden it in London, and it gets the big thumbs up.  Heaps of torque!
    Brompton Electric available soon (ish)

    Brompton Electric available soon (ish)

  • 2018 ByK – ByK’s MTB and CX range have been a great evolution of their brand.  Providing tyres and colours which are a little more in keeping with the rough stuff.  However, quite a few customers choose these models purely on colour alone – with a black base and red and white features.  Well, ByK have listened and so there’s now even more colour options available, such as Stealth Charcoal, Steel Purple and a gorgeous Polished Alloy available across the range.  We also have supply of guards, front or rear racks as applicable to convert any bike in their range to a ‘commuter’ or ‘retro’ model.  And the popular e510 MTB is now available with hydraulic disks!
    E350 in new Polished Alloy


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