Celebrating the ride to work


We love our ride to work, and we know most of you do too.  So once a year, we like to take the opportunity of celebrating that on National Ride2Work Day – an event where some people give it a go for the first time, and a remarkably large proportion make it a regular habit.

Since we first opened, we’ve taken the opportunity to have a bit of a party, serving up breakfast and coffee to those of you rolling past.  We’ve generally also invited a few of our suppliers, so there can be a few bargains had, as well as chatting about new and upcoming models.  Local council and cycling identities roll up, as do you  – our regular customers – and quite a few visiting for the first time.  We welcome you all.

Again, this year we had our next door neighbours, the recently rebranded Park St. supplying all manner of tasty treats.  We did our best to restock, but demand was high.  We also had boxes of fresh fruit supplied by the City of Yarra, particularly handy for those who didn’t have time to stop by.

Starting last year, we decided to back up the fun for the ride home.  After all, if you ride to work, most are gonna ride home again too.  We’re also mindful that often in the morning things can just be a bit too rushed.  So, we’re only too happy to put something on for the return journey.  This year, in addition to more from Park St. we had our friends at Moon Dog Brewing come along slinging a few frosty ones, or you could have always had a chilled water.

We also like to give something back to our greater community.  So, all of the above was for a gold-coin donation.  This year, it was for Bicycles for Humanity – Melbourne.  This great organisation collects serviceable bicycles, packages them up in a shipping container and freights them to African communities.  There, the container becomes a bike workshop and the local community gets transport options so they can be better connected – particularly nursing staff.

We tallied it up, and the buckets came to $472.15.

So thanks one and all for your generosity.

The total riders past our counter was a little up on regular Wednesdays (or the generally higher Tuesdays).  In fact, it was our second-highest one-day total ever.  And ‘agonisingly close’ 4,995 riders were counted.  No doubt, many more actually rode past the shop on the day, but just didn’t ride over the sensor or bypassed on Park Street.

See you again next year.  Or tomorrow.



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