Bromptons don’t go on sale – until now – 2016 Brompton Clearance


Brompton Australia have announced a clearance of  most of their  2016 Brompton bicycles.  There are limited numbers available, with only some colour and handlebar/gearing combinations available.

If you’ve been putting off buying a Brompton folding bike, now is the time.

The move from 2016 to 2017 was one of the bigger updates to the Brompton in recent years.  Generally, there’s smaller ‘evolutionary’ modifications of components (moving from a single-piece crankset to a spider with a removeable chainring, for example).  However, 2017 brought about a number of key changes.

Primarily, the profile of the handlebar changed.  It’s now shallower, with less bend in the curves.  It looks quite different when next to an older one, however the grips themselves remain in the same position as previous models. This new handlebar profile also allowed an update and repositioning of the shifters to ‘under’ the bar.  The differences are an improvement – but then, that part of the Brompton didn’t really need ‘fixing’ to start with.  Indeed, many people agree if you already have a Brompton, it’s not really enough to warrant replacing it. So, that’s great news if you want a new Brompton of your own.

Up to $320 off

Brompton M6L Stardust Black on sale now at Velo Electric & Folding's 2016 Brompton Clearance Sale

Brompton M6L Stardust Black on sale now at Velo Electric & Folding’s 2016 Brompton Clearance Sale

The 6 speed models with guards are generally $2219 however there’s 3 or 6 speeds on offer for a low $1899.  And a very small number of S2Es (s-bar, 2 speeds without guards) are available for $1799.  Brompton Australia’s sale only extends to their standard colours, however we also have one M6L in the now-discontinued ‘Stardust Black’ premium colour which we’ve reduced from $2499 to $2200.  (Our 2016 Raw Lacquer was recently snapped up).

Since the sale was announced, bikes have been rolling out the door quickly.  We have a rapidly dwindling number in-store, or you can check what’s on Brompton Australia’s website and with a deposit we could get them in for you within 2-3 days.

Don’t delay!


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