2019 Kona bikes have landed!


2019 Kona bikes have just landed in Australia. At Velo Cycles we’ve received delivery of three models, the Rove ST, the Sutra, and the Sutra LTD. Come in for a test ride any time, or have a chat to a friendly staff member on 03 9381 0088. Here are some pretty pictures and words to go with them.

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If anybody says “swiss-army-knife-of-bikes” one more time I might stab my eyes out and run screaming into the night. But the cliche wouldn’t exist without a kernel of truth. Light enough to zip around on, sturdy enough handle moderate load-carrying duties like bikepacking or grocery-carting, The Kona Rove ST can be applied to many different tasks, and carry them out with aplomb. The big change from last year is the wheel size. For 2019 they’ve gone for 650B wheels with 47mm tyres (the excellent WTB Byways). This wheel and tyre combo gives you efficient rolling but with more grip and cushion than the old Rove ST, which had larger 700c wheels with a narrower tyre (for a great wheel-size explainer, check out this post). It also looks very different, with tan-wall tyres and a glittery green lick of paint. Take it out into the sunshine and it really pops!

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The 2019 Kona Sutra LTD uses the same frame as Kona’s heavy-duty touring model, the Sutra, but comes with a ‘gravel’ rather than ‘touring’ build kit. To use Kona’s marketing jargon, “it’s what you get when a mountain-biker imagines a touring bike.” So what do you get? Hydraulic brakes, a ‘one-by’ (single chainring) drivetrain, lighter wheels and tyres, and clearance for up to 2.1-inch rubber. Yeah yeah, but what do you really get? A bike you can load up for a cross-continental journey, but is still fun to ride. A bike with the capability to realise your wildest adventures, that you can also whip around town on. An expedition worthy rig that doesn’t feel like a truck. And that, frankly, is awesome.

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If you’ve ever wondered what a bike would look like if it was squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste, wonder no more. The 2019 Kona Sutra may remind one of dental hygiene, but it’s a very tough, very capable, very well-appointed bike. It comes with all the bits and bobs you often have to pay extra for, like a rear rack, mudguards and a Brooks B17 leather saddle. This means that it’s ready to roll off the shop floor and into the blue yonder. The Kona Sutra is the kind of bike that whispers irresponsible things to you in the quiet hours: quit your job. Play the boss’s head like a bongo drum. Pack up your life. Pedal away. See what’s out there. 


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