The Velo Christmas gift guide

It’s that time of year. The time of year when we engage in the absurd tradition of buying junk for people we hardly ever see. Maybe one day we won’t have to keep up this charade, but until then, if you have cycling-mad friends or loved ones, here are instead some very useful bike gift ideas, and we have even more on the Velo Cycles shop floor. We’ve grouped them into three price brackets: under $30, under $100 and over $100.

Bike gifts under $30

Knog Oi! – $30

This Melbourne-designed bell looks super-stylish and makes an agreeable, almost melodic ding. It comes in silver, black, copper and brass, as well as two different sizes to suit any handlebar diameter.

Knog oi bell
Knog oi bell

Nutcase Bell – $24.90

Nutcase bells come in a wide range of designs, to suit anyone’s taste. They generally work with smaller-diameter handlebars found on kid’s bikes, commuter bikes and step-thrus.

Nutcase bicycle bell

 Topeak Aero Wedge Pack – starting at $24.95

A great way to store tools, spare parts, snacks or even a rain jacket. You can choose between four different sizes, depending on how much you want to carry.

Topeak aero wedge seat bag

Klean Kanteen Sports Cap water bottle – Small: $27.95 Large: 29.95

Made from high quality stainless steel, Klean Kanteen bottles look great and, unlike plastic bottles, will last forever. They won’t ever taste like plastic either.

Klean Kanteen


Water bottle cage: $14.95

Help your friend or loved one stay hydrated over the summer – give the life-giving gift of water for only fifteen bucks! Will fit any bike with bottle cage mounts.

 BBB allen key set: $20

The most essential tools for doing home repairs and adjustments. This set goes down to ultra-small 1.5mm, which you’ll see on many bikes.

BBB hex key set

Bellwether socks – various styles: $20

Can’t go wrong with the old standby. But these are cyclist-approved.

Bellwether socks

Bike gifts under $100

Quadlock Universal Smartphone Mount: $50

Mount any phone to the handlebars in seconds. You can then use it as a navigational aid, or to make calls. Will fit to any handlebar. Note: having your phone mounted to your bike will also help avoid fines associated with using your phone while riding. Check out this video we made on the subject earlier this year. There are also Quadlock mounts for specific models of phone.

Quad lock

Topeak Joe Blow Sport 2 floor pump: $90

A floor pump is definitely one of the most useful things you can get a bike rider who doesn’t already have one. It makes getting up to pressure super-easy, allows you to monitor a tube’s pressure, and will work with any valve type.  This is the model we use in our own workshop – largely for its longevity. We also stock spare parts for when something does wear out.

Topeak Joe Blow sport 2


Topeak hand pumps – various: $30-$60

However if they want a pump to take with them on a ride, then Topeak also has you covered. They range from super-lightweight road pumps to compact, fold out floor pumps with an inline pressure gauge that are perfect for touring. All Topeak pumps are high quality and have replaceable parts, meaning they can be repaired when rubber seals and such inevitably wear out. Most will work with any valve type.


Multi tools – various: $25-$50

Both Topeak and BBB make high-quality multi tools, from basic alan-key sets to 20-function super-tools. These are essential items for anyone who rides off he beaten path and might need to perform roadside repairs.

Brooks Leather Handlebar Tape: $79.95

Spruce up any bike and give it a vintage aesthetic. Made in England, Brooks leather handlebar tape lasts for ages, and provides a grippy texture. Will fit any drop-style handlebar.

Brooks Slender/Plump Grips: $99.95/$89.95

Get a grip on your bike with these beautiful offerings from Brooks. Genuine leather hand made in England. Will fit any flat/swept back handlebar.

Brompton Saddle Bag/Cover – $59.95

One of the benefits of a folding bike is you never need to lock it up, you can take it in with you.  The Brompton Saddle Bag/Cover can aid in this, obscuring the fact that what you’re carrying is indeed what you arrived on.  It also provides a layer of protection from rub marks etc if you have your bike in your car. It’s also mandatory if you want to take your Brommie on a tram or a bus.

Brompton saddle bag cover

Brompton Toolkit – $99.95

This toolkit has everything you need to keep your Brompton rolling (importantly, including a 15mm spanner), and it tucks away into the head tube.  Never forgotten – always there when you need it.

Bike gifts over $100

Ortlieb panniers: from $89 (single), or $179 (pair)

A perennial favorite among commuter and touring cyclists, Ortlieb panniers are totally waterproof and last forever. They come in two sizes and are suitable for a wide range of portage demands, from carrying a laptop and change of clothes to work, to carrying everything you need for an epic round-the-world trip. They’ll fit any rack that’s designed to take panniers. Made in Germany with a five-year warranty.

Nutcase Helmets: $99.95-$119.95

With sizes available from babies to adult boof-heads, Nutcase helmets will bring a bit of eccentric styling to your ride, as well as performing the important task of protecting your noggin in a crash. Below is but a small sample of the styles on offer. For more, check some of the new designs here, visit our store or check out the Nutcase Australia website.

Nutcase helmets


Brooks Saddle: from $169.95

Brooks Saddles achieve that rare combination of timeless style and peerless function. Many of their saddles have barely changed design in 100 years, a testament to the unmatched comfort they have brought to thousands of bike-riders worldwide. Hand made in England, with a ten-year guarantee.

Brooks B17 leather saddle

Micro Scooters – various models: from $159.95

Swiss mobility company Micro make high quality scooters for all ages. With functional designs in two-wheel and three-wheel configurations, they provide convenient transport and hours of fun. All scooters come with a two-year warranty.


Kid’s bikes: from $299

These are such a popular gift that we have created a blog post just about them. Check it out here and why it’s worthwhile not purchasing from a department store.

BYK e450 blue

And the most loving gift of all… Aussie Butt Cream: $15

For fifteen bucks you could save your loved one from many hours of painful chafing. Nothing says “I care for you” more than a comfortable butt!


Merry Christmas to you all! And happy, chafe-free pedalling.