Me, Superman and my electric bike

Kath took advantage of our ‘try-before-you-buy’ 24 hour test ride*.  As she discovered ring some of her regular trails, it was perfect for getting around without building up a sweat.  Indeed, it even made previously insurmountable hills possible.

“I rode from the Velo shop in Fitzroy North to my home in Maribyrnong, a journey that I simply wouldn’t contemplate on my 24-gear Giant (a really beaut pushbike). There’s too many hills, and it’s too far for the kind of bike rider I am: none too serious.

I like to ride, but I am easily put off by a hill, a headwind, a bit of a detour in order to stay on the bike path, a few spots of rain – that kind of thing.

I zoomed down the bike path through Royal Park, gliding up hills with little exertion.”

Read the rest of her review here

*You’re most welcome to test-ride any bike in either of our shops.  However, we offer a special $100 24-hour test-ride hire of our e-Bikes once you think you’ve found one you love.  And, like most who take it up, if you go on to buy the bike your hire fee comes straight off the purchase price.