Daylight savings is ending. Time to light up your ride.

Daylight savings is ending soon (boooooo). From (Easter Sunday) April 1st you’ll be riding home in the dark (double booooo). That means you’ll need some lights. Luckily, we stock a great range of high quality USB rechargeable Serfas lights (yaaaaayyyyy).

Victorian road law states that whilst riding your bike at night you must have:

  • A white light on the front (steady or flashing)
  • A red light on the back (steady or flashing)
  • A red reflector on the back

Front+rear light sets

It’s pretty straightforward with these Serfas lights: the more you pay, the more lumens (brightness) you get. If you’re riding in unlit areas, the 250 lumen front light is about the minimum brightness you’ll need to be able to see where you’re going, whereas the 500 or 600 will allow you to see things more easily, as well as having a longer battery life on a dimmer setting.

Front lights

The range of Serfas front lights is similar to the front lights that come in the sets. The E-lume 900 is hella bright, and can be used for after-dark mountain biking. Remember that these lights are bright enough to blind riders coming towards you on the bike path. Be sure to use one of the low settings (each light has different brightness settings that you can toggle through), or angle it towards the ground on your handlebars when riding on the bike path.


Rear lights

Whereas the front lights are generally a targetted, narrow beam which you can aim for maximum coverage, the rear lights we stock are optimised for spread.  This means that anyone following you from any angle should be able to see your rear light.  This also optimises the places you can mount them.  We’ve all seen that person with a light on their backpack which points up to the possums, or down at the road.  If you have a rear light which really does flood the light out on a wide arc, you can easily mount on various parts of the bike, or even your person.

Why do we stock Serfas lights?

We’ve stocked USB rechargeable Serfas lights for over five years now, simply because they are reliable and they work. They are bright, weather resistant, and easily detachable, and will make a great difference to your safety at night. Serfas are at the forefront of light design, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. If you have any problems with your Serfas light during the course of normal use, just bring it back to us we will almost certainly be able to sort it out. We also stock spare mounts for all the Serfas lights that we sell, so if you lose or damage one, you won’t have to resort to duct tape.