Who rides a folding bike?

I rode a folding bike once.  It was HORRIBLE!

Yep, no arguments there.  There’s many folding bikes out there (both in the past, but alas also presently) which really do a disservice to the whole concept.  Heavy. Sluggish ride.  Undue flex when ridden hard.  And, believe it or not, difficult to fold.  We don’t stock those.

The folding bikes we do stock are the best-of-breed for the types of customers who come to our store.  They’re generally great at commuting, but can also be used for other things depending upon what you’re after.  We also offer bikes at a few different price-points, as sometimes that’s people’s key driving factor.  Many just want to give it a go, to try out this whole folding bike concept to see if it works for them.  (Of course, you can take any of our bikes for a test ride).

Why ride a folding bike?

From a logistical perspective, a folding bike can provide many advantages:

  • If you are short on space at home, once you get home your bike can become a fraction of its full size, and tucked away in a corner, ready for use. This is where the size of the final fold is key.
  • If you also use public transport, a folding bike is the only option if you want to take a tram, bus or train. Strictly-speaking, it should also be in a cover on a bus or a tram.  This is where both size of fold, but also ease of fold is key. Weight can also be a consideration, as sometimes you have to carry it through gates or up and down stairs etc.
  • It makes one-way trips easy.  You can ride to meet up with friends/family and then bung it in a car/taxi/uber for the trip home. This is also useful if the weather is changeable – you can decide based upon the clouds and radar.

Most of the bikes we stock have guards fitted.  Most also have the capacity to carry some cargo, although that varies depending upon the bike.

Why do you stock Tern and Brompton?

Tern – Even before we set up our second store, Velo Electric & Folding, we stocked Tern.  We find they are a great quality product for the price that you pay.  Drawing upon the design features of Dahon (Dahon was created by Dr David Hon, whereas Tern is his son Julian Hon, and Julian’s mother), they’ve added an easier fold and better quality hitches.  We also like their specifications and find that up to a point, at any given price a Tern is better than most other folding bikes on offer.

Brompton – Initially, we had to work hard to become a Brompton dealer, and we’re now proudly Australia’s largest.  We truly believe the Brompton to be the best folding commuter on the market. And it’s a testament to their design that they can be used for so much more. In fact, sometimes it’s better to not think of Brompton as a bike manufacturer – instead as one of those quirky British engineering companies where everything just works.  WIth their accessories and luggage options, you have a transport system that is incomparable in convenience and scope. But, we love their ride, and that’s why we ride them so often.

There’s certainly other great brands out there (and plenty which aren’t), but we choose to concentrate on these two so you can rest assured you’ll not only get a great transport solution, but also ongoing support through servicing and accessories.