Over the counter – Melbourne’s rider numbers grow

Commissioned on Ride2Work Day 2014, our Totem Bike Counter has steadily been ticking away each bike rider who passes by our shop.

Some time in the second week of November 2016, we clocked over our three millionth rider!

A joint venture between Velo Cycles and the City of Moreland, the counter has sensors in the pavement of the Capital City Bike Path, which passes by our main shop.  Using a clever algorithm, it detects the difference between walkers, prams, skateboards and bicycles, and provides an accurate count to within less that 1% variance.  (Most human counters are good for +/- 5% by comparison).  The digital counter at the top of the totem counts up just a second or so after a rider crosses the sensors.  The graphical scale, or ‘barometer’, gets updated overnight, as does that day’s data.  You can take a look at the data from yesterday, and other time intervals here.

We’re looking forward to hitting more than one million riders in a calendar year.  We’ve got close – ridiculously close in 2015 – and rider numbers have increased each year so it all seemed good. However, changeable and extreme weather during September and October 2016 hit hard – we knew it was going to be touch and go.  And so, it was even closer, but still, not quite there. We know far more than this number  pass by on the Capital City Trail or surrounds – many defer to Park Street to more easily transition to Canning or Rathdowne Streets, but hey, we still want our million past the post!