Wallerang e-Bike gives Bob his bike-riding life back

Bob and his Wallerang M.01 Smartbike

Bob and his Wallerang M.01 Smartbike

Bob came into the shop a few months back with a mate, suggesting he try an e-Bike.  It’s a rather common scenario; long-time riding buddies looking after their mates who can’t quite keep up any more.  Bob had been avoiding it, but thought he may as well give them a try again, as it had been five or so years since he’d last tried one.

In 2010, Bob was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma.  For this lifetime rider, time off the bike was at that point the last of his worries.  But, in 2011 he was pronounced officially in remission, and has remained that way ever since.  So, back on the bike it was.

In 2013, Bob rode from Cairns to Darwin, he was back in the groove.  But,  6 months later, he noticed an increased shortness of breath. It got to the point where he was starting to get worried so off the the doctor, and the diagnosis was Atrial fibrillation, also called AF or arrhythmia. This was most-likely an outcome from the chemotherapy he had for his cancer.  It means he needs to keep his heart rate in check, under a certain rate.  Although this didn’t remove riding completely, it did mean no more riding to work, or any longer sojourns.

So, back to the e-Bikes.  He’d tried them years ago, but the quality of an e-Bike even as recently as two years ago was nothing like the standard you get today. He walked into our Velo Electric & Folding store and instantly gravitated towards the Wallerang Smartbike M.01.  He came back another time and gave it a test ride.  A few weeks after that, and it was his.

He finds it a great ride both switched off and on.  He can again ride as far as he wishes.  At 2000km in he’s loving it! And because of a recent firmware update, its fully automatic gearing mode has become even smoother. (Yes, with Shimano STePS motor system and a Shimano Di2 Nexus 8 hub, you can ride it in manual or fully automatic!)

We have step through and suspension fork models coming early next year. Contact us if you’re interested.

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