(More than) 30 reasons to take up cycling

BikeRadar recently posted an article with 30 reasons to take up cycling.  It’s pretty thorough, but we think there’s a few glaring omissions of key benefits.

Parking – They lead off with ‘You’ll get there faster‘.  And sure, on many routes around inner Melbourne we agree you can get there a LOT faster, but one thing they’ve left out is parking.  If you’re driving, it’s often horrendous to find a park, sometimes pricey, and sometimes quite a long way from where you want to be.  If you ride, however, you can generally get a park right out the front (or at least a very short walk away).  And, of course, if you ride a folding bike you can often take your bike inside with you – safe and secure.

No more waiting – If you’re replacing public transport with your ride, then no more waiting on the train platform, or the windy tram stop.  And, if it’s peak hour, no watching another one pass packed to the eyeballs with no room for you to get on.

Exercise within your busy lifestyle – Much of BikeRadar’s suggestions are about fitness and health, but they don’t really point out one of the greatest benefits of transport cycling.  Exercise is great for many reasons, but sometimes it’s just hard to fit it in.  (Or, you could be severely lacking in motivation). Alternatively, everyone needs to get places, so getting there by bike gives you the transport you need, and a workout at the same time.

Mental health benefits – Again, physical health is an obvious benefit of cycling, but increasing more research is showing the mental health benefits from a workout.  We’d also suggest that cycling, in particular, can really change your spirits.  It could be the sense of achievement; it could be that it takes you back to your childhood; it could just be that it’s a heap of fun.  Whatever it does for you, most feel that their regular bike ride is a big part of staying happy.

What do you think?  Are there any others you can share?