2018 Kona Bikes have landed!

UPDATE: 2019 Kona bikes have now hit the shop floor. Read about them here. 

There’s been murmurings of excitement at Velo over the last week as 2018 Kona stock has hit the floor. Here’s a quick rundown of the new models.

Kona Unit

Do you love plus tyres? Singlespeed? Getting Rad?  If you answered yes to any of these, or your name is Matt Jackson (our store manager), then the Unit will be right up your alley. We’ve stocked Units in the past, but recently they’ve undergone the transition to a plus tyre (keeping up with the trends),  while keeping clever replaceable dropouts that allow you to run gears if the fancy takes you. The fork is also suspension corrected if you want to add some bounce to your ride an there are eyelets for bikepacking accoutrements, and finally the wheels are tubeless compatible. Go hit the dirt friends!

Kona Sutra LTD

Think you know Touring Bikes? Think again. The Sutra LTD keeps the same touring geometry as its traditional cousin the Sutra, but you get elements that add modern flavour and excitement to an otherwise traditional cycling format. Were talking hydraulic disc brakes,  1 x gearing,  thru axles, flared handlebars and 50c all road tyres. In an age where the lines between bike touring and bike packing are becoming increasing blurred the Sutra LTD brings all day touring geometry to a bike that will push you to hit some single track that makes you shout out, yewwwww!

On the 2017 Sutra LTD, The Radavist stated – ”  I love it when companies have the guts to spec a bike in a way that’s pointed at radness rather than tradition ”

Kona Rove Steel

Back and better than ever, the new Rove Steel sees through-axles and flat mount disc brakes. A first for the model, and a feature normally found on far more expensive bike. Another interesting development is the inclusion of tubeless valves with the bikes! Meaning it’s never been easier to ditch the tubes and go with a lighter more supple ride. The other big bonus of tubeless is the ‘self-heal’ nature of the latex fluid that fights of punctures! It still has the great ride characteristics that made the previous model such a winner, and with a clean one by eleven drive-train this is the perfect drop-bar bike for Melbourne, both in and out of the city.

This bike is only limited by your imagination! Commute, explore, get dirty!

Kona Sutra

The Sutra was already great value, and then for 2018 they added Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tyres. These are some of the best touring tyres in the world, and retail for $110 each in Australia. That’s on top of a full Shimano Deore drivetrain, Hayes CX Expert mechanical disc brakes, Brooks B17 leather saddle, dual-rail rear rack and full-coverage mudguards.

It’s formidable value, and means that the 2018 Sutra is ready to ride straight from the shop floor into the wide world.

All these 2018 Kona bikes are currently on the shop floor available to test ride, so sashay your way in and get on one!