2017 Jamis Renegades have landed

***2018 renegades have landed! Click here for the updated post***

Are you after the one bike to rule them all? The Jamis Renegade may have you covered.

Here at Velo Cycles we love bikes that are extremely capable, well equipped and reliable. Bikes that are versatile in their ability to commute, ride on a variety of surfaces, from road, to gravel, to single tracks. Bikes with the ability to be loaded up to take on an adventure through the country side, or even across a continent.

A bike that will take you there and back again, and last you for a long time to come.

In 2016 we had great success with the Jamis Renegade Expat. We loved it. Customers loved it. So we ordered a heap of them in and it has become one of our favourites in the shop. This year we got another Renegade to add to the shop. The Renegade Exploit!

The Renegade is a series of bikes that Jamis make in three different frame materials, totalling six different models; two in each frame material of aluminium, steel and carbon.  While they maybe made of different materials and are specified with different components, they all share exactly the same geometry.

Being big fans of steel bikes and a store that probably sells and services more quality steel bikes than anyone in Melbourne, we do have a slight bias in that direction. Last year saw only one of the steel models, the 520 Reynolds based Renegade Expat, accompanied by the 6061 Aluminium Renegade Exile.  This year we pleaded with Jamis’s importer to bring over the Exploit, made from the even lighter/stronger 631 Reynolds steel tubing – and you can only get them from us.  So at Velo you now have your choice of the two steel Renegades that are available, as well as what we consider to be better of the two aluminium models.

So why would you want them?

The Renegade Expat and Exploit are a Swiss army knives when it comes to bikes. Being trusted steel frames, they mix old with new to get the best of both worlds.  A steel frame with a carbon fork will give you a smooth ride. Unlike some brands, their geometry has been designed specifically for each frame size,  giving you a stable and a confident descender. The Jamis Renegade can handle it all, taking you down any road and keep you exploring when concrete turns to gravel and most people turn around to ride home. It has all the rack and fender mounts for overseas touring, or daily commuting with guards, yet it can be stripped down when you return home for a cyclocross race or keeping up on a spin with a road bunch ride, just with a quick change of tyres.

So whats new in 2017?  The Renegade’s geometry from 2016 to 2017 is exactly the same, and without knowing beforehand, you would be hard pressed to tell which year is the 2016 and 2017 with the Renegade Expat. The only changes being very minimal, in crank selection (still same gearing), as well as changing from Alex to WTB rims, and a change in the colour. Some even prefer the 2016 Renegade Expat’s colour.

The new (thanks to us) arrival to the Jamis Renegade family, the Renegade Exploit, is a step up again from the Expat. Along with the 631 Reynolds steel tubing in the frame, you have a complete Shimano 105 gearset with hydraulic brakes, a carbon seat post for further improved compliance in the rear and straight through axles at both the front and rear.  Having thru-axles allow the wheel to be quickly and properly positioned in the frame before the axle is inserted, improving the connection the wheels have with the bike, ensuring improved feel, braking and handling with less flex, and better power transfer. Finishing of the bike at the front, like the Expat is a carbon fork, WTB Tubeless ready wheels to connect you to the ground and a Ritchey’s cockpit including handlebar and stem warped up with super comfy Fizik Gel bar tape to beautifully complete the bike with a soft touch.

This bike has been highly anticipated, with two customers making pre-orders after testing the Renegade Expat for size.  That got a few of our staff with their ears pricking up, and they’ve nabbed some too. Why?

Stu: I ride 40km each day commuting into Velo. I wanted a bike that could handle off-road and gravel tracks, if I felt like I wanted to change my commute in to to work. A bike that could handle a day out with the family and be comfortable to cruise around at low speed, yet have the ability to tap it out on the road in my Lycra on the way to work. I have had the bike for a week and have been impressed and very pleased with the ride quality.

Matt: I saw the 631 Reynolds – I realised this bike will last me a long time – it was worthwhile investing in. It has a classic feel in a modern style. I can fit larger sized tyres, but it will still perform like a road bike. It also has exceptional value for money with the 105 hydro groupset, and that steel, at that price.

Come in to Velo (the only stockist in all of Victoria) for a test ride and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

Available in Sizes 51, 54, 56, 58, 61cm.

Jamis Renegade Exploit, you can only get them at Velo

Jamis Renegade Exploit, you can only get them at Velo